Caregiver Can Experience Mental Stress

Mental distress (or psychological distress) is a term used by mental health practitioners to describe a range of symptoms and experiences of a person’s inner life commonly held to be out of the ordinary. In the caregiving space, mental stress can lead to harm and injury and how care is provided to a loved one. […]

Caregiving & Disease Management-Aging in Place!

The health and wellness of our most vulnerable population, our elderly loved ones, is the responsibility of family members. Helping them age in place while tending to their needs is our role in the circle of life. It will be our turn one day to receive care. We all have a part to play… Yes, […]

Connecting With Our Elders To Prevent Isolation

This topic came to mind today from an experience I had years ago. My friend, who was hospitalized at the time, called to inform me of her admission and asked me to come to visit. Of course, no one wants to hear of a friend or family hospitalized, so I agreed to visit. As we […]