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Nutritional and Behavioral Health: Why They Matter

In this keynote, Dr. Cynthia addresses the necessity of understanding the connection of cognition and behavior in food choice. Be it grocery shopping or dining out, behavior plays a significant role in nutritional health conformation. Why does this matter? Research has shown this vital link has promising influence in addressing the obesity epidemic. Habitual or impulsive dietary practices, usually the product outcome of personal norms, can transform into the development of healthier food choice after ones’ cognitive awareness converts into nutritional behavior consistent with the adoption of healthier eating goals. Dr. Cynthia has done extensive research in this area and would love to share her findings with your audience.

Leadership: Mastering Servitude

The position of leadership demands that leaders have principles that guide them. Servitude is the one Dr. Cynthia embraces. A REAL example of an effective leader is one that can follow, influence, and cultivate the thoughts of their subordinates while successfully preparing the path for goal attainment. Shared expectations and behavioral synchrony is essential to leadership. While Dr. Cynthia recognizes that there are several styles of leadership, it has been her experience that collectively achieving the team goal or objective is the type of leadership that produces lasting results both for the leader and their followers. Dr. Cynthia is available to share more on her "servitude" leadership philosophy with likeminded businesses, corporations and nonprofits worldwide.

Nursing Education: The Importance of Maintaining Its Integrity

In this keynote, Dr. Cynthia discusses the essentials of nursing education. The fundamental role of a nurse educator is to educate, demonstrate professionalism, and preserve the integrity of the role. Not only does a nurse educator teach and prepare nursing students for entry into practice, we understand that the integrity of the role begins with self-reflection. Technology must not take the place of “the laying on of the hands” this is the calling of the nurse., The nurse educator must prepare students to nurse. Regardless of the essential task of an academic assignment, demonstrating the high standards of the profession serves as the foundation of nursing education. Dr. Cynthia will share her philosophy that centers on the commitment to enforce integrity as an educator and deliver instructions to students that will promote the expert delivery of professional nursing care.

Pricing Schedule

  • Local Honorarium Accepted Non-profits - Only (Houston and surrounding areas)
  • Local Speaking Engagements $1,500 to $3,500 (Houston and surrounding areas)
  • Keynote Speaking Engagement $5,000 to $7,000 (Regional)
  • Keynote Speaking Engagement $15,000 to $25,000 (Travel + Meal and Expenses)

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