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Caring for an elderly loved one is a noble task that family members around the globe  face daily. Love dictates that the care rendered be administered with true compassion and diligence. Yet, we are living, loving, fallible human beings seeking to deliver care that often requires that we empty ourselves, exposing our limitations and punctuating our faults.

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From The Lens of Daughters, Nurse, and Caregiver

By sharing the art of the caregiving, it my earnest desire to help someone (personally and professionally) who may find themselves in my shoes. Hind side, I wish I had given myself permission to feel and act, without apology when I honestly did not want to be a caregiver. Realizing now, it was those moments in time when I should have walked…no run away to regroup as mommy’s health and my duties became more challenging. The honor to care my mommy will forever be…Honor!

The Book...!

The Black Book Of Important Information For Caregivers

Caregivers are angels on our planet. The selfless act of participating in another’s personal, emotional, and health needs is an honorable act. However, there is much more to the caregiving experience past the activities of daily living, such as cooking, bathing, dressing, paying bills, shopping, and providing transportation. What about the business side of caregiving? What about the essential documents that share vital statistics and personal information on the care recipient? I know we live in a technological society but having access to critical information housed in one place during a stressful period is essential. The Black Book Repository is a necessary book.

The Black Book Program is designed is prepare caregivers to become proactive and organized in the caregiving experience

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What People Say About the Book

All the Reviews are taken from Book sales page.

I gave this book five stars not because I am a colleague of the author but because it’s an awesome and heartfelt story of what it’s like to be a caregiver. It’s a short read, one which you will not put down. It’s filled with love, humanity, compassion, wisdom and selfless sharing of self. It’s a must read for anyone caring for a love one or one preparing for a health care profession.
Eva M. Ellis
Review From Amazon
Grab a cup of coffee and tissue. Truly and inspiring book for caregivers or soon to be caregivers.
This book shatters the 5-star rating permissible by Amazon. The rating should be infinite! Detailed, and superior written, Dr. Hickman intertwines family life and pulls off a "hat trick" portraying a triad of identities, one professionally, and two personally caring for "Shibby", the great matriarch! The book is full of pertinent information from Dr. Hickman's personal accounts of caregiving to any person who finds themselves in any of the three identities expected, or unexpected, assuming the "humble" role of caretaker possibly for the first time.
B. Littles
I got the call my elderly uncle needed a place to stay. Of course he could stay with me I said. People questioned if I could handle it and I didn't understand why. My uncle didn't\coundn't stay a week before it was clear I was in over my head. We eventually put him in a home and I've felt so bad about it. Within a month he was gone. This book was a book of love and how to truly be selfless when caring for a family member. If only I had read it sooner.
Nona D.
This book is a great short read that offers support, guidance, and wisdom to those who have not just experienced the death of, but lived and cared for a parent, as well as the author’s personal story of her beloved mother’s life and death. Through the lens of Christianity, the author offers her in-depth personal and professional perspective and provides us with an example of what is means to live a purposeful and meaningful life in the aftermath of losing a loved one.
Karen Ann Swain
Review From Amazon

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I am your Proactive Caregiver Advocate.

It will be an honor and privilege to speak at your event. The topics on caregiver need, and caregiving supports are huge. Family caregiving is a new perspective of accountability, often with limited knowledge of what comes. Caring for loved ones has increasingly settled in the laps of family and close friends, often ill-prepared to take on the role.

Informal caregivers are in high demand. In part because most people cannot afford paid caregiver support. With the proper guidance and support, informal caregivers can handle the role while embracing the experience. As a speaker, I dispel the myth associated with caregiving as only bathing, dressing, feeding and bedtime. While there are countless tools and resources available to assist those caring for loved ones, the utilization of the many available services remains untapped.

My goal is to support new, current, and evolving needs of the caregiver experience and assist to make the care of someone less stressful. I offer tips and resource guidance along with my Black Book Journal program that assists to ensure vital and important documents are in one place for easy access and sharing with family and healthcare practitioners. If you are a caregiver looking for support, let me help you!