Black History and Caregiving

This blog acknowledges and illuminates the African-American caregiver experience. Our future, meaning the younger generations, must be reminded that caring for the family, especially our elders is an expectation. It’s what we did back then and it’s what we must do now! Anyone in the family could be considered a caregiver. The role is collective, meaning no […]

Is it Glaucoma or Cataracts?

It’s no secret that as we age, our vision has a mind of its own. Our vision does not consult with us asking if we want to see more or less. Populations everywhere suffer from glaucoma and cataracts, which are known to result in blindness if untreated. All we know is how often magnifying tools […]

Nutritional Habits Matters As We Age

Healthy eating for seniors can help with illness and disease and better management of chronic health problems. To help older adults accomplish health benefits that align with proper eating, certain food groups should be avoided. Here Goes! As you know, starchy foods are our primary supplier of carbohydrates and have an important role in a […]

A Successful Caregiving Mindset

The world of caregiving requires planning and problem-solving 365 days. There are no shortcuts to holistic and compassionate care. The daily grind must be organized while expecting the unexpected. Your role as a caregiver is valuable. You help loved ones live their best lives. Being responsible for the care of another individual should never be […]

Caregiving and Finances: Preparation Prevents Pitfalls

Have you ever considered how costly the caregiving role can be? The financial portion of caregiving is assumed by those directly involved in the role’s day-to-day duties. Understanding caregiving costs can be considered a ‘No Brainer’ but appearances can be deceiving when it comes to finances. It is a significant component in the caregiving field. Money matters, […]

Car Keys, Night-Time Driving, And Our Elderly

As a caregiver to our elderly loved ones, who, by the way, fight hard to maintain their independence driving, has costly consequences. Yes, it has happened again! Car keys, night-time driving, and our elderly; the combination is serious and deadly. It is vital that you are stern and intentionally proactive as it relates to our loved ones driving with […]

Eldercare and Fire Safety in the Home

Happy New Year! The 1st blog of 2023. Yes, I am back! Yes, I have more to share about elder care! Yes, we must be proactive and not reactive in the caregiving space and Yes, I’m here to help. Over the holidays, an elderly lady died in her home from a fire. Safety bars prevented first responders from getting […]

Neglect of Loved One in a Nursing Home Demand Action

Many of my blog posts result from a conversation with someone or a situation of that I have been made aware. Yes, it has happened, again. Neglect of an individual and the countless excuses of family members as to why action is absent. Forgive me for being blunt…when you decide to place a loved one […]

 November is National Family Caregiver Month

I am saluting caregivers, here, there, and everywhere. I am grateful for the selfless angels on earth who give of themselves day and night, night and day. They experience exhaustion, physical pain, financial compromise, health challenges, mental strain and drain, poor eating habits, feelings of frustration, guilt, lack of steady support, and depression due to […]

Salute to Men in the Caregiver Space

I always believe in giving credit where credit is due, however, the men in the caregiving space are often forgotten. But we will forget no more, RIGHT? Around the globe, men take on the role of caregivers every single day. It is a stereotype to believe the only valuable and capable caregiver is of the female […]