Where Do You Find Balance As A Caregiver?

Family caregivers will always seek the best care for their loved ones. Many will fight lions, tigers, and bears to make it happen. While that thought may be a true sign of love, we probably would not win against lions, tigers, and bears! Yes, a sense of humor is necessary for all caregivers. Recognizing what’s beneficial for our […]

Autism in Eldercare

April is autism care month. Many communities can have positive outcomes where knowledge and advocacy dwell. Are you caring for an elderly loved one with autism? Autism has often been misunderstood by those without knowledge of the condition. While many consider the condition attached to children, many grow old with autism. How should we think […]

Older Loved Ones And Thyroid Disease

A topic rarely discussed as it relates to eldercare is thyroid disease. Older loved ones and thyroid disease are a real thing! The thyroid gland has a vital role in the body. Let’s start with where it is, what it looks like, and what it does. The thyroid is a small butterfly-like shaped gland in […]

Eldercare and Hiring In-Home Caregivers

Elders living in their own homes is a high priority for most seniors. The benefit is indisputable as it relates to being in a familiar setting. The realization of living alone can become a concern as ageing introduces many struggles, especially as it relates to managing household tasks and managing daily hygiene obligations. Hiring a […]

Does Your Loved One Have Dementia?

Does your loved one have dementia, not to be confused with Alzheimer’s? Having intermittent trouble finding the right word or remembering where you put things is not unusual. However, persistent difficulty with memory, thinking, or the capacity to complete everyday responsibilities might be signs of something more significant. Dementia is a term for changes in […]

Alzheimer’s Disease and Missed Opportunities

I enjoy talking with older people. They have gone before us, Experienced much, tolerated much, and can teach us much. We often take these things for granted and realize we should have been present more. Paid attention, more! Been engaged more! When we recognize that cognitive decline is the result of Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s too […]

Caring for a Loved One with Contractures

Caring for a bedridden loved one with contractures at home demands a lot of patience, insight, and skill. The activities of daily living are a given, but ensuring their comfort and emotional well-being is imperative. Feeling comfortable again may never be their reality because of pain and bone deformities. Definition of Contractures: A contracture is a […]

Caring for a Loved One with Heart Problems

The Heart Health Month theme continues with caring for a loved one with heart conditions. It can be challenging and requires a long-term commitment of time and energy. The heart is the organ that must ‘keep on ticking’ for us to live. When the heart is diseased, it complicates the body’s ability to operate efficiently. Some heart […]

Safety Proof the Home to Let Loved One’s Age In Place

One of my pet peeves is home safety when caring for elderly loved ones. One of the most common causes of falls in the home is the lack of safety in the environment. Tis’ true, as we age, mobility, vision, and illness can create a reason to pay attention as we care for our loved […]

Dedicated Caregivers: The African American Nurse

As we all know, trustworthy caregivers don’t always wear capes; they wear stethoscopes. Since February is Black History Month, I want to reflect on the role of African-American nurses as caregivers. African American nurses have dedicated their lives to caring for others, breaking barriers, and shattering stereotypes. Where did it all begin? Who were the […]