Caregiver Ambiguity Leads to Burnout

Prolonged stress can lead to physical and mental exhaustion and influence the life of a caregiver. It’s no secret that stress management is important, especially in times of ambiguity, which is common on the caregiving journey. The word ‘burnout’ is tossed around a lot when asking caregivers what they worry most about. Caregiver burnout is […]

I’m a Caregiver with a Job

As a caregiver advocate, when speaking with people, the new norm has become family caregivers trying to manage career obligations with their caregiving duties. According to caregiver statistics, over 60% of family caregivers work full-time. And while Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) is available, ( a United States labor law of 1993) provides employees with job-protected, […]

Caregivers- Surrogates of Love

What do you wish you would have known before becoming a caregiver to your loved one? You are a surrogate decision maker; simply defined, you are a proxy, substitute, stand-in, representative, back-up, and a necessary ambassador…knee-deep in the role. What are you chasing to understand? What medical equipment are you wishing you had “NOW”? Who are […]

Living Alone with Cognitive Decline

As we age, so does our brain and its ability to function as it once did. There are many reasons for cognitive decline, but once it becomes a safety concern for our elderly living alone, you must act. As you know, cognition is a combination of processes in the brain that involves the ability to […]

Older American Month…Did You Know?

One of the most exciting things about being a life-long learner is learning new things. Did you know that May is Older American Month(OAM)? I was reading my AARP magazine a few days ago, and read that Older Americans have a month! What you say! Aging Upbound is the theme this year. The goal is to encourage […]

Mental Health Awareness and YOU

May has been coined mental health awareness month. Did you know that mental health is more than the presence or absence of mental conditions? Did you know that mental health is a central part of health and wellness in any professional or personal sphere? Humanity indeed, should always focus on knowing when one’s mental health […]

Eldercare and Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the lens of your eye, and, in many circumstances, an artificial lens is inserted. The lens of your eye is clear, but as we age, so does our vision. When cataracts develop over time, they cause the lens to become cloudy, causing blurry vision and increasing glare from […]

Elderly Spouses As Caregivers

Elderly spouses as caregivers have increased over the past decade. People are living longer. During my years of working in the acute-care setting, many of the elderly patients under my care had elderly spouses and no immediate family. I never considered the magnitude of the situation until my second look and the calls I receive […]

Health Awareness-Aging In Place

Building awareness about the importance of caregiving in minority populations is essential to our elders aging in place. The trend is gaining popularity, especially since the pandemic, which changed our lives on so many levels. We saw what alternative living in senior residences created; families were not able to reach or touch their loved ones. […]

Coping with Caregiving Responsibilities

When we hear or read the word,’ coping,’ related to caregiving, does one’s mind go to the terms of stress and burnout? Why is that? Did you know that coping is the use of an array of countless techniques that attempt to reduce feelings of stress and discomfort that occurs from a situation or event? […]