Making Seniors Smile

The genesis of the Socks 4 Senior initiative came about after the loss of my mommy in 2017. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that she passed away. As I looked for ways to channel my grief, one day while driving in my car, I remembered the many smiles mommy shared when her feet were warm. I said […]

The Art of a Caregiver

Painter: Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman 2022August I have returned from vacation. Wow! What a vacation it was. If I were being honest, it was hard to come back. Getting my feet back under me has been…let me just say…slow going. I have enjoyed being away and taking care of myself… Doing me! Loving on me! Enjoying my […]

Loved Ones in Nursing Homes-You MUSSSST Pay Attention with your Eyes and Nose

Checking in on family and friends is one of the highlights of vacationing in your hometown. I am still blogging on vacation, but it is ending. Somewhat bittersweet. Why? Many things have changed. For sure, nothing has stayed the same. I have a dear friend that has been in a nursing home for several years. […]

Scalp Massages & Hair Washing of Care Recipients

I’m still blogging while on vacation in Toledo, Ohio. Even on vacation, there are opportunities to impact the elderly. I have been very intentional on this vacation. I know caring for aging parents invites many new challenges. Learning how to manage the care of an elderly loved one can offer unique experiences every day. Some […]

Watching Seniors at the Park While on Vacation

Parks are a nice place for seniors to hang out and explore their beauty. Not only does nature call, but it’s also a great place to experience nature while exercising. While people watching(seniors/elders) at the park yesterday morning, I paid special attention to the number of older adults enjoying the park. It made me smile. […]

A Caregiver Blogging While on Vacation

Greeting from Toledo, Ohio! I was born and raised here. I attended public schools; Lincoln Elementary, Robinson Junior High, and Scott High School…Go Bulldogs! There is always something about returning to where you grew up. I am not totally sure what it is. I suspect it is the memories, especially if they were positive. Family, […]

Memories of a Caregiver

August will always have memories of days passed, filled with moments of happiness, sadness, fun, and reflections. In Cincinnati, Ohio, my sisters and I celebrated mommy’s birthday. She would be 102 years old if she were still alive. Mommy left us with years of countless life lessons. This season will always be a special moment […]

Caregivers Must Adjust for Self-Sake

A lot of individuals take care of a friend or family member with a serious health condition. Caregiving is a labor of love, but it can also be hectic and demanding. How to be an effective caregiver while also taking care of yourself will always be the revolving action item. We know it requires planning […]

To Drive or Not to Drive, That Is the Question!

Honk, honk, Speed it up!! Move over! Who still drives with both hands on the steering wheel? Get in the right lane! Who is letting you still drive? Driving is independence. Who does not want independence? However, what is the yardstick of awareness that affects the ability of older adults to drive safely? Driving restrictions […]

Music to Smooth the Caregiving Atmosphere

Music has always been my way of escape. In the caregiving space, music can work wonders to relax, reflex, and renew. This list is by no means exhaustive. It is prepared to share music that can be relaxing for the caregiver and the care recipient. I hope you enjoy these amazing sounds. Before the caregiving […]