Debt & Death?

How many family caregivers are facing debt after a loved one dies? This can be an overwhelming burden stacked on top of grieving the loss. It’s a widespread attitude. Have you ever asked yourself what proactive steps have been taken once becoming a caregiver responsible for the financial elements? If you did not know, despite […]

Caregiving in Generational Households

On the news today, I heard of a family who consolidated their living to take care of each other. What an amazing thing to do. Can you just imagine the support available? Many cultures have maintained this practice for years. I thought about what lessons can we learn from generational household living. I could think […]

No Caregiving Experience is the Same- Consensus Should

Since caring for a loved one in the home is becoming increasingly common, specific ways to organize and give exceptional care is individualized for every caregiving case. No caregiving experiences are the same, but the mission must always be the same. As a caregiver, you are not in competition for their attention, the focus is […]

Flexibility and Safety is Key

Who has felt like a slinky as a caregiver? Be honest? I sure have! Have you heard the old Proverbial saying, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong? How about… any job worth doing is worth doing well. How about… put 100% effort into everything you do. How about…your mental approach to your job dictates the outcomes you’ll […]

Elder Orphan by Defaught!

The term elder orphan is a real term and a real reality for many older adults. Some find themselves within the population because they remained single and childless. What about a population where there are children, grandchildren, or maybe an X-spouse who has not shown themselves responsible or willing to step in when care is […]

Caregiver Can Experience Mental Stress

Mental distress (or psychological distress) is a term used by mental health practitioners to describe a range of symptoms and experiences of a person’s inner life commonly held to be out of the ordinary. In the caregiving space, mental stress can lead to harm and injury and how care is provided to a loved one. […]

Caregiving & Disease Management-Aging in Place!

The health and wellness of our most vulnerable population, our elderly loved ones, is the responsibility of family members. Helping them age in place while tending to their needs is our role in the circle of life. It will be our turn one day to receive care. We all have a part to play… Yes, […]

Connecting With Our Elders To Prevent Isolation

This topic came to mind today from an experience I had years ago. My friend, who was hospitalized at the time, called to inform me of her admission and asked me to come to visit. Of course, no one wants to hear of a friend or family hospitalized, so I agreed to visit. As we […]

When Eldercare if Hindered in Wartime

As many know, I have a passion for eldercare and seniors living their best lives with caregiver support. I was trying to find a way to share my pain and anguish regarding the current situation in Ukraine, as I watched the mass exodus of its people, especially the elders. I recently read more than two […]

Caregivers are Protectors

Caregiver advocacy matters when it comes to providing support to our loved ones as they age. The level of responsibility to ensure their wellbeing must be a top priority. A dear friend is facing the understanding of advocacy up close and personal. We know the desire for autonomy with our older adults will always be […]