Ageing in Place Requires Exercise

Many loved ones aspire to stay in their homes as they age — known as “aging in place.” According to the World Health Organization, about 1 in 6 people will be 60 or older by 2030(World Health Organization, 2020). Your careful regard and provision are a substantial part of helping loved ones remain in their familiar environment. […]

Care of Loved ones with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease in the African American community is not discussed but is seen daily in the lives of many caregivers. With information and awareness, families with Parkinson’s can be enabled to advocate for the quality of life they deserve. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and complex neurological disease, not an acute illness. Symptoms vary widely, […]

Elders’ Role in Testing for Inherited Eye Disease

Many people can relate to personal stories. As a caregiver, I am not exempt from the challenges of health issues. Facing the reality of finding out about inherited eye disease merits discussion. There is nothing under the sun that has not impacted family or community, and eye diseases have changed the lives of many elders. Days […]

Elderly Loved-ones with Dysphagia

Loved ones with difficulty swallowing (called dysphagia) must be watched and monitored while eating and drinking. Caring for someone we love requires nurturing them while ensuring their nutritional health. If you see signs of struggling to swallow, immediate action is required. Many conditions could create swallowing difficulties; however, no matter the cause, caregivers must pay […]

Talking To Your Loved One’s Doctor

Many of my articles center on lived experiences. Does talking to your loved one’s healthcare team make you anxious and cause heart palpitations? Trust me, you are not alone! How do you think your loved one would feel if they were alone trying to understand the medical jargon delivered to them? Caring for a loved […]

Male Caregivers and Health Awareness

Every month, our country hosts various health awareness campaigns, each focusing on a different part of health. While these campaigns are crucial, it’s equally important to consider that the health of male caregivers is a vital part of the caregiving journey. Male caregivers are in the trenches daily and suffer from the same concerns as […]

Caregiver Alert: Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane season has arrived, and it has been predicted to be an active season. The necessity of planning is the best advice I can share. Caregivers must prepare because your loved ones are counting on you. Seniors face unique challenges during weather emergencies, such as chronic health limitations, many medical needs, feelings of isolation, restricted […]

Siblings Have a Role in Family Caregiving

Growing up under the care of our parents, I never once thought of or considered being a caregiver to my mother. My father suddenly died when I was eleven years old, so I did not get to experience his aging. As the third child, I recall looking up to my older sisters. In my mind, […]

Your Mental Health Merits Care!

Every year in May, mental health is the topic of discussion. Mental health challenges come from an array of circumstances. Considering the mental health of a caregiver is often a second thought until they experience burnout, a health challenge, or even an early death. Yes, the caregiver has died due to the lack of caring […]

Outings For Loved Ones Is Always Good Medicine

CAREGIVING is recognized as an action role. It also includes social interactions. These are two essential functions in the caregiving space. The individual(s), often a part of a family’s network, assists with helping loved ones navigate their world. The role has many functions, including finding enjoyable outings for loved ones. Wouldn’t you agree? Social engagement is essential for […]