Airport Travel with Your Aging Loved Ones

Returning from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, this week and spending time in the airport, my eyes wandered to and fro, watching the navigation of many elderly traveling alone or with companions (family or friends). Many walked slowly; some used adaptive aids, a walker, or canes, while others were in wheelchairs or being pushed by […]

National Caregiver Month Demand Reflection

National Family Caregiver Month occurs each year in November. It is an opportunity for all family caregivers to look at how caregiving has affected them. It’s a month that should ring grateful gratitude for having the ability to care for a loved one. Easy, no, necessary, yes! Family members neglect many elderly loved ones because […]

Eldercare in Cold Weather

It’s that time of year. The weather is changing, and as a caregiver of your loved ones, preparation is necessary! If you are like most individuals, you feel cold off and on. However, as winter “comes-a-knockin” keeping our elders warm is vital. Cold temperatures can create many problems for our elderly loved ones, especially if they have […]

Managing the Caregiver Role with Spreadsheets

What is the definition of insanity? I was told it is doing the same thing and getting a different result. Many outcomes(good or bad) in the caregiving space can result from mismanaging of necessary chores and responsibilities in the caregiver role. There are ways to handle the day-to-day tasks to make a caregiver’s day manageable. […]

Social Connection and the Elderly

Social connection is a fundamental part of life. It’s how we feel attached to those around us. Connections can improve our health in many ways, but for our elderly loved ones, engaging them with others regularly endorses resilience, mental health calmness, and physical well-being and love. Elderly loved ones have internal challenges of loneliness, often […]

The Toolkit For Caregivers While Caregiving

Have you thought about what aging will look like for you? If not, consider your thoughts, then transpose them onto how your loved ones may feel as their wonder years unfold. Indeed, having all the required tools and a positive attitude will go a long way when aging in ourselves and our loved ones occurs. […]

National Senior Center Month!

National Senior Center Month is celebrated in September in the United States. Today, nearly 11,000 senior centers serve one million older adults. Older adults who participate in senior center programs experience better psychological well-being. Perceived social and health benefits include lower levels of depression and increased cognitive outcomes while promoting a positive image of aging. […]

Renal Insufficiency in the Elderly

Renal insufficiency is a real problem in the elderly. When kidney function diminishes over time, specifically during the aging process, a host of issues and symptoms can happen. Caregivers must have a working knowledge of the potential consequences of this condition and be proactive in real time. Renal insufficiency is defined as a decline in […]

Debt & Death?

How many family caregivers are facing debt after a loved one dies? This can be an overwhelming burden stacked on top of grieving the loss. It’s a widespread viewpoint heard many times over. As a youth, I recall my mother was strict in conversations around whole life insurance policies and the avoidance of term policies(due […]

Proper Footwear for the Elderly to Prevent Falls

I had a great 3-week vacation, but I could not seem to turn my proactive caregiver advocacy eyes and ears off, while on vacation. Watching a family with an elderly loved one at the grocery store, I saw a disturbing and scary situation. Flip-flops were on the feet of this person. Dangerous! I surmised by […]