A Caregiver Blow Close to Home

This blog will be short and sweet. But, first, I wanted to share with my wonderful followers that COVID-19 hit me(us) square in the face. We lost our 49-year niece yesterday, June 3rd, 2021, in Toledo, Ohio, to this terrible virus(I’m being kind). While most of my topics center on older adults, senior care, care, and […]

A Caregiver’s Pain

As a nurse, educator, caregiver and healthcare advocate, my enthusiasm centers on sharing valuable information, informed information, as accurate information as I understand it, to educate others as it related to the art and science of illness, health, and wellness. I have a feeling of failure and profound defeat. Why? I could not say enough […]

When You Become The Parent of your Parents

This must be remembrance season. Someone told me after my mother passed that memories would one-day fill the empty places of my heart. I suppose there is some truth to this reality. I often recall while caring for my mommy, I not once wanted to be her parent; only a loving daughter, giving occasional directives, […]

Pay Attention to the Aging Skin of Seniors

This topic came to mind as I recall experiencing dry skin episodes with my mother. You may not know this, but the skin’s appearance can be signs of deeper problems. Actually, if we do not take care of our skin during our youth, it will tell on us as we age. Once our skin becomes […]

Self-care as a Caregiver; Caregiving

What! You mean a caregiver needs to take care of self? Say it ain’t so! LOL! As caregivers, men and women, we become lost in our duties with little thought about self. I remember a time during my caregiving space; I wore the same tee-shirt for five days straight, with a spit bath somewhere in […]

Is Home Medical Equipment’s Knowledge Created Equal?

As our loved-ones and care recipients get older and experience health challenges, medical equipment in the home may be required. Using medical equipment (also called durable medical equipment-DME) required education, instruction, and return demonstration. Some medical equipment is complicated and someone who is simply caring for another person may be frightened by how to use […]

Caregivers & Caregiving- Music Therapy Works Both Ways!

For some reason, I woke up thinking about the many hymns my mother enjoyed. One, in particular, was the Church In The Wildwood (The Little Brown Church-(1932), is one very old, but mommy would hum it occasionally. One stanza that stood out was…No spot is so dear to my childhood… As the little brown church in the […]

When the Elderly Drop Their Medications

As populations age, an array of medications become a part of the daily routine. Polypharmacy means ‘many medications. Adherence to a medication regime is necessary for a variety of reasons. But when older people do not take medication prescribed to them, problems can arise for both their long-term and short-term health. Because older adults are more likely […]

Caregiving in Minority Populations

Did you know that April is Minority Health Month? Annually, this month is set aside for discussions on an array of health topics, needs, and concerns hoping to shine lights on the many disparities that still exist in the 21st Century. In the caregiving world, caregiver awareness lags other populations; mainly because of a knowledge […]

What Can We Learn by Being a Caregiver: Wisdom of Our Elders

Let me start by saying…I have missed you! I missed sharing my blogs with you! I have been away with the Leadership Experience Speaker (LET) Tour in Troy Michigan. I had the incredible opportunity to share my caregiving story on the national and international stage. Thank you, Shawn Fair, and the LET for believing in me and opening […]