Caregivers & Caregiving- Music Therapy Works Both Ways!

For some reason, I woke up thinking about the many hymns my mother enjoyed. One, in particular, was the Church In The Wildwood (The Little Brown Church-(1932), is one very old, but mommy would hum it occasionally. One stanza that stood out was…No spot is so dear to my childhood… As the little brown church in the dell. Her childhood was full of music!

My mommy was born to a missionary mother, and her father was aMethodist (CME) minister. Music was a huge part of her upbringing. My mother knew what it did for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

As mommy’s caregiver, there are so many musical memories. When she had trouble falling asleep, turning on music, or in my case, sometimes playing soft music on the piano made the difference. Countless research has uncovered the impact music plays on stress and anxiety for the caregiver and the care recipient. In my assessment of the literature on music therapy, it confirmed that what I did unaware told me that music therapy in the caregiving space is beneficial.

I would like for you to consider using music when feeling overwhelmed and alone. It has the capacity to calm raging seas and relax stressful environments.

There is nothing special you need to do. There are countless platforms where you can play soft relaxing music. I learned how to play the piano, not knowing that the gift would come in handy as a caregiver one day. There were many days and nights I would play the piano sharing her favorite songs, mainly from the hymnals. There is instrumental music, flute music, saxophone music, harp music so calming that it can be added to the caregiving space. You do not have to be a music therapist to know that music is an excellent way to add calmness to a sometimes stressful role.

I am a witness that music was therapeutic during my caregiving journey. I am so appreciative (also therapy for me) to share some of my caregiver experiences that shines a light on some of the strategies that helped me get through challenging times.

As your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, consider music in your caregiving space!

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