Caregiving is Hard Work: Physical and Mental

We can all agree that caregiving is hard work. It pulls on our physical limits and challenges our mental capacity. Some of us were thrust into the role, while others saw it coming and pretended it was in our imagination. We may want aging to be an imaginary thought, but it is coming for each of us if we continue to say good morning and good night.

I saw my mother getting older in her early sixties when she suddenly was wearing dentures. Now, this is not saying dentures make you old (that was my elementary insight); sometimes, it is a matter of poor dental health or health problems. The result was that she needed her dentures for nutritional health. Other signs were developing along the way as well, that subsequently ended her independent living to dependent living and needing the security of caregiver support.

Aging is the realism of living life. Along the way, things happen, things change, health and circumstances come-a-knocking. We can either recognize it will happen and answer the call by being proactive or let it(aging) hit us smack in the face, leaving us unprepared and terrified of what’s to come and what to do.

Just as we prepare for births, weddings, graduations, and vacations, we should handle the aging process the same way. Look at it his way. Our earthly structures are temporary, like the opportunities we experience with family and friends. While enjoying them, we cannot live in those wonderful events endlessly. We have to move past temporary events. At some we must face reality, the reality of aging.

I would love to hear your proactive tips. One tip I will share is my children know my wishes. They also know where all the important documents are housed. These may be great first tips for you.

There is no time like the present. Put your business in order. Start with simple steps. Sharing with your family and friends your desires and wishes is a noble and valuable act of proactiveness. And by all meansput your desires in writing!

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