Celebrate the Women in Your World #S-W-D-M-M G

The women in our world are what the acronym stands for. I must admit, I made it up! It’s significant and I hope it is for you. Where would we be without women in our world? The ones I am writing about are our Sisters, Wives, Daughters, Mothers, Mentors, and lest we forget the wise council of our Grandmothers. I realize everyone may not have had the same experiences, but if you gained guidance, strength, courage, companionship, fortitude, determination, and grit from the women in your life, let them know if you are able.

Many in our family rely exclusively on women to provide support. We know the women in our world provide care to spouses, parents, children, in-laws, friends, and even neighbors. These women are our caregivers, our caretakers, our care protectors, our care providers, and our confidants. They have held our closest conversations, and many have taken them to their graves. They have held us up when we felt worthless. They have held our hands encouraging us to never give up. They have used their resources to give us a hand. They have helped us with our children. They have set up late at night with us listening to our fears and worries. They have prayed for us when we could not pray for ourselves.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, know your achievements and contributions to family and community are the direct and indirect results of the women in your world. The camaraderie of the women in families who have affected life and liberty is a powerful image. Can’t you see it? The most important thing we can do the celebrate the women in our world is to say thank you!

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