Eldercare and Hiring In-Home Caregivers

Elders living in their own homes is a high priority for most seniors. The benefit is indisputable as it relates to being in a familiar setting. The realization of living alone can become a concern as ageing introduces many struggles, especially as it relates to managing household tasks and managing daily hygiene obligations. Hiring a professional caregiver is an excellent option for our loved ones to age in place safely. Professional caregivers not only manage the daily chores but can also be companions to help reduce loneliness and isolation.

Social Connections are Vital

Social isolation is, without doubt, natural for elders who live alone — often magnified when seniors have trouble getting around and driving is no longer an option. Things we take for granted may mean a whole lot to a loved one living alone with health challenges, mobility challenges, and more. Conversation can help with memory and uncover hidden cognitive declines that would otherwise not be noted if someone lived alone.

Transportation Assist

There comes a time when unsafe driving is a huge concern. Giving up the car keys is not always easy. It is a sign of losing independence. Professional caregivers can assist with grocery runs, appointments, taking to church, and visiting community outings. Families are often concerned about how much professional care services cost and their options for payment. Community bus services are showing up in communities. Call public bus and curb-to-curb services if in your area. Fees are usually nominal, and you can get a ride on the same day. I would recommend making reservations if taken due to sometimes limited space.

Cost for Services

There are several choices when paying for professional care. You must do your homework! All services are not created equal. Finding the right service provider can be tricky. Starting with the insurance company and researching what is available is always important. Always search in-network companies. Remember, private pay is not covered by insurance. Medically necessary home care is covered by insurance. It is always possible to mix services, private and professional, but again, check with provider services for information. It is also nice to ask for referrals from families who have used a service you are interested in. Whatever you decide, please tap into your covered resources, like Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans benefits. An assessment from any company is required to determine the unique needs. It’s all about connection, that perfect fit where all feel comfortable, valued, and safe.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, if you have concerns about a loved one’s ability to live independently or your growing responsibilities as their sole caregiver, consider the advantages of transportation options and professional care for your loved one. Be safe! Be well!

Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman is a retired registered nurse and case manager, CEO of Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate and author of From the Lens of Daughter, Nurse, and Caregiver: A Journey of Duty and Honor, and The Black Book of Important Information for Caregivers.

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