No Caregiving Experience is the Same- Consensus Should

No Caregiving Experience is the Same- Consensus Should

Since caring for a loved one in the home is becoming increasingly common, specific ways to organize and give exceptional care is individualized for every caregiving case. No caregiving experiences are the same, but the mission must always be the same. As a caregiver, you are not in competition for their attention, the focus is always on the best outcome at the end of any day. That is what matters. Planning for tomorrow starts today by addressing the needs of our care recipients.

We cannot ignore planning for the future, today. What are the immediate needs? Will the same needs be required tomorrow? This is a great time, whenever possible, to include our loved ones in the discussion. Have you ever been talked about or talked over and you are sitting right in the space of the discussion? While we may want to protect the person from uncomfortable dialogue, it is important to always include the person in the discussion. Sometimes decision-making, before a crisis happens, can save emotional turmoil and family dynamics. Avoid being controversial and always stick to the topic at hand. If you need to make a list, do so, but only discuss a few topics at a time. Consensus is the goal. As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, coming together to give the best care ever is called Consensus!

Be safe! Be well!

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