Older American Month…Did You Know?

One of the most exciting things about being a life-long learner is learning new things. Did you know that May is Older American Month(OAM)? I was reading my AARP magazine a few days ago, and read that Older Americans have a month! What you say! Aging Upbound is the theme this year. The goal is to encourage diverse experiences in aging populations and to remove the stigma and stereotypes of the elderly ‘just rocking’ their life away. The creator of OAM is the Administration for Community Living. Aging well must include flexible thinking, reading, and writing(cards/letters), and engaging in a host of activities that encourage independence and safety.

Older American Engagement Matters

Ideals to help older Americans stay engaged are plentiful. In the black communities, not so much, due to social or environmental situations. Transportation is often the biggest drawback to getting to locations where seniors can engage in activities with their peers. If attending a senior activity location is not easy to access, some things can be done at home with family and friends.

For instance, games are always a great way to have fun. Scrabble, Fish, UNO, and bingo are great games. Music is always a great way to get the body moving. Infusing music from the older American era can be good for bringing back memories. Music connects everyone. Have a paint party. Plant flowers and start an in-home garden. Remember to include the importance of any form of exercise, even the ones that can be done sitting in a chair. Balance and strength exercises maintain independence and both can be done at home.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, regardless of the format or activity you decide to engage Older Americans to promote upbeat aging, the mission is to keep them moving in whatever way works best for them. Just remember to have fun being creative!

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