To Scream or Not to Scream…That is the Question!

To Scream or Not to Scream…That is the Question!

As a caregiver, going about our day can and is often times very exhausting. In our day to day obligations, we often do not look for options to debrief or recharge our battery.

Is screaming good for the soul in the caregiving space? Let me be the first to share…YES!!! I have to admit, I never did it when others were around(well, not totally true)…outsiders are what I mean. Being a caregiver is a tough job, and multitasking is the art of the role. There is no coloring inside any line or circle, just a combination of tasks and responsibilities that had to be done when needed, as needed; morning, noon, and night.

I am reminding you that you have a tool that is closer than a brother. It’s the hole on our face. The mouth! Yes, your mouth and it is ok to use it in a therapeutic manner. It is the sound inside of you waiting to get out when feelings of “I can’t do this anymore creep in.” Yes, screaming can be therapeutic. It can be the remedy for what ails us. Screaming will not cause the duties to fade away. They remain, but screaming gives you personal satisfaction during a stressful day. So what is screaming, you may ask. It is a long, piercing sound that comes out of your mouth. It has been associated with pain, excitement, fear, exhaustion, and loss. As a caregiver, we have experienced many of these emotions. I know, I have.

However, to circumvent burnout, this could be a good therapy from time to time. Now, a word of caution! Do not scream around your loved one or care recipients. This exercise is for you. We never want those we care for to feel as if they are a burden and not loved. So today, if you are reading this…Just Scream, then get back to work. As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, I cannot tell you the many times, I got in my car, took a drive to scream. Know that it is ok.

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