Your Parents Have Aged-What’s the Plan?

I am the first to acknowledge how difficult it was seeing my mother age. Watching the changes in the day-to-day activities, let alone suggesting she needed help, was an interesting time. She initially was resistant but later took much joy in all the pampering she received. She was so grateful for all the care, inside the family and outside the family circle.

Have you thought about who is in your care village? Have you discussed who is the best person in the family to handle the business aspect of helping your aging parents? Have you had a hard discussion on end of life? These questions are real and necessary to address. The organization of being a caregiver does not occur overnight. Many are waking up finding themselves caring for a family member or even a close friend. COVID-19 has proven this point in more ways than one. Just the other day, my heart hurt listening to a daughter whose parent died from COVID-19, and she is now in a position of caring for her mother. She stated her father handled all the business, and she or the mother knew about much of anything. While privacy is essential, eldercare demands a period of nosiness without apologies.

The message I want to leave you is…Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. Be proactive! Reach out me if you seek more insight. I am Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate.

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