Eldercare and Hydration

As many of you know, Texas had a massive weather crisis. Freezing cold temperatures, power outages, busted pipes, and no water. By the time bad weather hits, it’s already too late. Preparedness is about having a plan. Regardless of the occurrence, wind, storm, or freezing weather, preparedness is critical. Many seniors were unprepared. Screaming bloody murder felt in order. I did it! As the morning broke, the heartbreak was apparent and noted on every news station when the lights came back on. Little food in supermarkets, massive power outages, no heat, no water! What say ye? We had a week of warnings alerting us that the freeze was coming. I found this very interesting for the way the weather was being reported. In Ohio, when the weather was terrible, we just knew what to do. However, I wondered if our seniors living in the south, Texas, specifically, would know what to do. Many news reports did not and had family far away that could not get to them. Sound familiar?

The lesson of the current weather crisis is the importance of being prepared! Out of all the concerns, I heard, water was high on the list. It seemed to be the one thing we take for granted.

Watching the news was heart-wrenching as elders, some disabled, unable to navigate their way to sections of town set up for food distribution, water, and safety location from the cold. This was another reminder of why senior care is so critical, especially when living independently. One lady commented it’s hell being poor, alone, and disabled. The many sights set up for relief she could not access. She stated I had no car, and if I did, gas-station pumps were inoperable due to no electricity. The tears in my eyes swelled. Yes, I did my meager part. I donated water, contributed to the food bank, and checked on my neighbors, but getting relief for many elders was complicated, magnified by the reality of a pandemic. Having relief items is essential to be set aside and used only for emergencies.

Many relief agencies suggest supplies sufficient for at least 72 hours. This includes medications you are taking. If you know of or have a senior living alone, please help them prepare for the unknown of weather disasters. As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, I want elders of our families to be safe and hydrated. I know you do, too.

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