National Senior Center Month!

National Senior Center Month is celebrated in September in the United States. Today, nearly 11,000 senior centers serve one million older adults. Older adults who participate in senior center programs experience better psychological well-being. Perceived social and health benefits include lower levels of depression and increased cognitive outcomes while promoting a positive image of aging. Senior centers improve the lives of older adults and show their importance in the community.

In observance of National Senior Center Month, the theme this year is Discover Yours. Hanging out at the Senior Center around like-minded individuals invites uniqueness, self-discovery, and independence.

Senior Centers is a community of older adults, usually retired, who want to remain active. The fellowship offers fulfillment in a host of ways. For example, many centers have fitness classes, aquatic programs, sewing classes, dance classes, bingo, card games, and outings like trips to golf courses, museums, casinos, parks, croquet, arts and crafts, line dancing, language lessons, oil painting, entertainment, and special events, like concerts, and even grocery stores for seniors who do not drive.

Involving your loved one in a senior center is a respite for you and an activity for them. Some senior centers have specific rules for loved ones using adaptive devices, so call ahead. As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, maintaining independence and enhancing seniors’ emotional, physical, and social quality of their lives is necessary for aging in place. Be safe! Be well!

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