The Toolkit For Caregivers While Caregiving

Have you thought about what aging will look like for you? If not, consider your thoughts, then transpose them onto how your loved ones may feel as their wonder years unfold. Indeed, having all the required tools and a positive attitude will go a long way when aging in ourselves and our loved ones occurs. Did you know that the average age of a caregiver is 49? Most caregivers are women (66%), but men also serve as caregivers(John Hopkins Medicine, 2023). Many caregivers have health challenges as they care for others. The caregiver often puts themselves last and do not consider the importance of having a self-care tool kit.

Most of us journey through life without a thought for tomorrow, however, a successful aging journey has to give consideration to the internal and external feelings experienced by all caregivers. The tool kit must be filled with support while encouraging healthy and independent aging.

The benefits of filling the tool kit with quality of life and independence are needed. Self-management of chronic conditions is a part of the tool kit. Self-confidence and fulfillment from helping others should be a part of the tool kit. Social networks of friendships with like-minded attitudes are in the toolkit. Be willing to learn and develop new skills, even as we embrace aging.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, remember that most, if not all, loved ones prefer to stay at home. As a caregiver, your toolkit should have the same yearning. Having the right kind of mindset can give you much-needed resilience and help you balance life, aging, and family time. Be safe! Be well!

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