The Art of a Caregiver

Painter: Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman 2022August

I have returned from vacation. Wow! What a vacation it was. If I were being honest, it was hard to come back. Getting my feet back under me has been…let me just say…slow going. I have enjoyed being away and taking care of myself… Doing meLoving on me! Enjoying my peace away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is not to say that a few hiccups tried to invade my space. But, overall, my peace surpassed all understanding. It was so wonderful. May I share one of the most peaceful parts of my vacation? I am glad you asked!

Park sitting and painting. It was a think-less existence. Yes, I said think-less. The park bench did not care I are sitting on it. The trees did not care I was sitting under them. The birds were doing their thing and I was doing mine…not bothered by the events or people around me. I was doing me! We visited Belle Isle Park in Detroit Michigan. The park has three lakes, acres of wooded area, and spectacular views of the Windsor skyline. It was so relaxing and hard to say goodbye to the peace of it all.

Then, my sister introduced me to painting and using primary colors to make other colors. Then she said there is no right or wrong in abstract painting. These foundational colors can create a masterpiece if you remember one message…there are no mistakes in painting. Those were freedom words. The picture above is one of my masterpieces. Yes, I said it, my masterpiece. Each day I look at my painting, I see something different. Isn’t that just like caregiving? Every day something new arises. Something new is uncovered. Something new challenges us. As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, my work, my purpose, and my passion continues, but with a refreshed spirit, thanks to a healthy vacation. Be safe! Be well!

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