Making Seniors Smile

The genesis of the Socks 4 Senior initiative came about after the loss of my mommy in 2017. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that she passed away. As I looked for ways to channel my grief, one day while driving in my car, I remembered the many smiles mommy shared when her feet were warm. I said “self, that’s it” to make other seniors smile. This is the story behind how the Socks 4 Seniors project came to be in Missouri City, Texas, Fort Bend County.

The 2nd Annual Socks 4 Seniors Project is underway and I cannot tell you how grateful and overwhelmed I am with the sponsors and supporters. To date, over 300 pairs of men’s and women’s socks have been donated. Today, I met a representative from Bambas, an apparel brand who is joining the project and sponsorship team next year and donated socks today. The last day to donate is September 30, 2022.

Last year, the 1st Annual Socks 4 Senior Project yielded over 200+ pairs of socks that were donated to a senior care and activity disability center.

Since that time, in September, for the entire month, socks are collected to be donated. I share the socks with seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Many do not have family and if they do, the visitations are few and far between. That piece saddens me. But, showing care and concern for our elders is the path I’m on with the Socks 4 Seniors project.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, I pray one day someone will take the time to make me smile. But until then, making seniors smile brings me much joy and gratitude. Be safe! Be well!

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