When is Family Caregiving Necessary?

Greetings all! I had to step away and breathe following a story aired in my area on nursing home abuseI cannot stress the importance of caring for our own. We cannot be so busy with life we don’t see the necessity of helping those, especially our parents, who cared for us in their wonder years; their golden years.

I realize there are circumstances, like safety and severe health conditions, that placing a loved one is required, but when this is the decision, eyes, ears, and noses must be in action; day and night; night and day at the facility you select. Know that everything that glitters, ain’t gold! Yes, I meant to say AINT! Care facilities do an excellent job of making the appearance outside look good. The entrances and common areas are stellar. But, turn the corner. Pay attention to residents spending hours on end sitting in wheelchairs or laying in bed without hourly checks. What about incontinence care?

You cannot, and I repeat, cannot leave a loved one in the care of others without oversight. This is it for today. Sharing this subject makes me emotional, and honesty… sickens me! As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, the provisions of your loved ones should always start with YOU! Be safe! Be well.

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